About Us

Our company, “Chef’s Table” was registered in February 2021 so we could bring our brand, “Patti’s Choice” to the marketplace. Starting with our first product, “Patti’s Choice Prime Rib Rub” will be available on Amazon Canada to start and we will eventually broaden our marketplace into the U.S., Mexico and Europe. Our focus is to give our customers products that they can feel meet their expectations with quality ingredients, and packaging for freshness, delivered to their doorstep in an affordable and expeditious way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make “Patti’s choice” Brand a common household name promising our customers quality, freshness, and excellent delivery services through Amazon Fulfillment Centers throughout Canada.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to stand behind our products and services and provide many avenues to satisfy our customers questions, concerns, and even returns with no questions asked. Whether you are contacting us to tell us how you like our product or if you have a question or complaint, we are here to listen and help.